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GS Labs Tests Two Millionth Patient For COVID-19 

GS Labs - Provides Over 2 million COVID-19 tests

The pandemic continues to challenge the nation and GS Labs continues to test. 

GS Labs reached a national milestone by administering 2 million COVID-19 tests since we began testing in October 2020. GS Labs entered the COVID-19 testing space as the pandemic initially swept through Nebraska and the Midwest. At the time, loved ones and friends of the company’s partners could not find COVID-19 tests anywhere after being exposed to the coronavirus. GS Labs set out to help solve this problem with convenient, quick and safe testing options.

GS Labs Provides 2 million covid 19 test COVID-19 Testing

To date, GS Labs has made significant investments to build a national operation, including establishing testing sites, hiring nearly 2,500 essential workers, and developing infrastructure to handle customer service, as well as internal operations, billing, compliance, communications and more in multiple markets and states, and the labs’ hotline, staffed by registered nurses. GS Labs expanded across the U.S with new locations in response to community and patient demand, currently operating 16 locations throughout the country.

Expanding COVID-19 Testing Sites

GS Labs testing continues to provide safe, convenient and professional COVID-19 testing in multiple communities across the country. Our drive-up COVID-19 test locations allow you to stay in your car during testing. With rapid testing locations in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon and Washington, the team at GS Labs is ready to support you and your community with all your testing needs. 

Since GS Labs began providing testing for COVID-19, the team has continued to find areas needing additional testing resources. Constantly seeking ways to keep all communities safe is our utmost priority and has always been at the forefront of the organization. We want to ensure communities have a resource to continue to test. 

Hiring Over 2,500 Essentials Workers

GS Labs has proudly employed over 2,500 medical professionals, including registered nurses, administrative employees and more. As we open in new locations, we hire local individuals looking to keep their community safe. For each community we open in, GS Labs wants to be a resource for testing and a career opportunity for those in the area. We want to engage these communities and work to provide a positive experience for both patients and employees. 

No matter who you are or what stage in your career, GS Labs has a place for you. What makes GS Labs great is our diversity in experiences, careers and perspectives. You bring a positive attitude and growth mindset, and we’ll give the tools and training to succeed. Whether you are a healthcare professional with years of experience or are looking for a change of pace, GS Labs has a spot for you.

Infrastructure to Handle Customer Service

GS Labs is committed to offering convenient and accessible COVID-19 tests with rapid results to provide peace of mind to individuals and communities. The rapid antigen test is currently available to patients at each testing location. The company’s expanded operations stimulate local economies by hiring directly from communities, including the registered nurses and medical professionals who perform every test. Not only do we see the importance and value of having a committed staff administer tests, but we want to ensure we are here to answer any additional questions or concerns our patients may have for us. GS Labs has a dedicated phone line staffed by registered nurses to help interpret test results and answer COVID-19 related health questions. 

The nurse hotline (402-659-7709) is available to all patients to ensure you feel no questions go unanswered. 

Building a Highly Complex Reference Laboratory

To help patients make informed decisions, GS Labs began offering rapid tests due to the need for fast results. As the pandemic evolved, so did the testing needs in our communities, and GS Labs continued to rise to the situation. Rapid Antigen tests are a highly sought-after test due to the timeliness of results; however, the more complex PCR test quickly became the gold standard in detecting the virus within just days of infection. As such, we continued to expand our testing capabilities. Through thoughtful planning, aggressive timelines, the procurement of state-of-the-art testing machinery and bringing on industry-leading laboratory experts, we built a highly complex (CAP Certified) reference laboratory to process PCR tests from GS Labs testing facilities nationwide. Through the millions of tests, hundreds of thousands of PCR tests alone, we’ve helped communities across the country identify the spread of the COVID-19 virus and make safe, educated decisions on the return to work or school, travel and attending events.

With Rapid Antigen and Confirmatory PCR tests, GS Labs provides our patients with the timely benefits of rapid testing and the accuracy of laboratory analysis in a single visit. 

Thank you for trusting GS Labs with your testing needs. We look forward to continuing to serve you, your loved ones and our communities.