COVID Rapid Testing

COVID-19 Test. Now What?

What to do after you’ve been tested to ensure your safety.

After you’ve been tested for COVID-19, regardless of the outcome, GS Labs wants to be sure you are staying safe.

If Your Test is Positive

The CDC recommends staying home. In most cases, many people can get through COVID-19 or other illnesses without medical care. It is recommended to stay home unless you must get medical care. Most importantly, be sure you stay in touch with your doctor, especially if you are having an emergency. Once you feel better, disinfect the area you spent your time. 

If Your Test is Negative

This means that you were not infected at the time of your test. While this is great news, it does not mean you cannot get sick. You still may be exposed to the virus after being tested and if you do experience symptoms again, the CDC advises to go get tested. 

To keep protecting yourself and others, it is best to continue to wear a mask, wash your hands often and keep 6 feet distance between yourself and others. This is something to practice if you did test negative and after you have finished quarantining if you did test positive. 

How to Keep up with Best Practices

To keep yourself informed about to ensure you are practicing all safety measures, GS Labs recommends following the CDC Guidelines. Another way you can help those around you, is by sharing places and sources for them to get tested. At GS Labs we are working to provide resources to help you and those are you stay informed on safety practices as well as testing for your community. If anyone you know might need testing, help direct them to a good place to go. 

As a reminder, the CDC is still learning about reinfection of COVID-19. While it is still rare, there have been cases of reinfection reported. Due to this, if you have been infected and are showing symptoms of COVID-19 it is best to get tested to be safe along with continuing to practice best safety precautions.