What you need to know about the newest COVID-19 variant – BA.2

BA.2 Omicron Variant 

Many restrictions for COVID-19 have been lifted across the United States, which has led to most places no longer requiring masks or proof of vaccination upon entrance.

BA.2 Omicron Variant came to the U.S. last week and is on track to displace BA.1 Omicron. This variant spreads 30% to 80% faster than the BA.1 variant. It has now been described as the most transmissible variant we’ve seen thus far, according to the World Health Organization official, Maria Van Kerkhove.

Luckily, the symptoms of the BA.2 variant do not appear to differ from those of the BA.1 variant, but because it is so easily transmissible was expected that cases would rise across the U.S. Dr. Fauci did not predict that there would be a big surge, but that cases would rise within the next couple of weeks. 

According to the CDC, this has held true as the BA.2 variant has caused 85% of all COVID-19 cases.

There is hope that the BA.2 variant will continue to show less severe symptoms, and coupling that with more testing and vaccination rates, the terminal numbers will stay low. Some of the most common signs and symptoms are a runny nose and fatigue. If you are unsure of your symptoms, it is best to get tested for COVID-19

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Getting tested often will continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19.