COVID-19 Testing Positivity Rates

COVID-19 Positivity Rates Week of July 3rd, 2022

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GS Labs COVID-19 Positivity Rates

Throughout the week of Sunday, July 3 to Saturday, July 9, 2022, GS Labs testing saw an average positivity rate of 22% across eight states, a sustained level from the previous week. For the week starting July 3, 2022, the highest state positivity rate was 32% with one other state over 30%. The lowest rates were in Washington & Oregon with 18% and 17% positivity, respectfully. All other states were over 20% positivity for this week.

COVID-19 Positivity Rates Over Average Index:

The average positivity rate of 22% across all locations. Excluding 2 states, all others had more than 20% positivity rates with COVID-19 Rapid Antigen tests conducted by GS Labs. The following states have seen a COVID-19 antigen test positivity rate higher or equal to 30% or an increase over the previous week:

  • Nebraska had a COVID Positivity Rate of 32%, a 6% increase over the week prior.
  • Iowa had a COVID positivity rate of 30%, a 4% increase over the week prior.
  • Minnesota had a COVID positivity rate of 22%, which has increased two consecutive weeks in a row.

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Breakdown of States By COVID-19 Positivity Rates:

Below is a graph of COVID-19 positivity rates across GS Labs locations.

COVID Positivity Rates By State

For journalists, media outlets, or others looking to source GS Labs positivity rates, please contact for written approval.

Note: Most private and government organizations have stopped publishing positivity rates due to the increased use of At-Home COVID-19 tests. GS Labs is providing positivity rates specifically on antigen tests conducted by our trained staff across the locations we operate in.