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What to know about testing at home.

At-Home COVID-19 Testing

At-home COVID-19 Rapid tests have been a great resource to keep stocked at your house if you begin not to feel well. It is a great resource to have as preliminary testing. While it is recommended to get COVID-19 lab testing to ensure accuracy, having at-home tests is still a great precautionary measure.  

These tests were hard to come by for a while, but they’ve become a bit easier to find more recently. Most COVID-19 at-home tests have around 80% accuracy rates. While keeping them around your house is great, please check the expiration date on your at-home test. These tests have a short shelf life, and when using them to test, it is always better to use multiple tests within a couple of days for accuracy purposes. 

At Home COVID-19 Test Expirations

Your tests will not go bad overnight, but experts say that the chemical components degrade over time, reducing the accuracy of the test. 

After administering your test, and if you feel it might be incorrect, find your nearest testing location where a licensed professional can administer the test for you. Testing at a lab can ensure more accurate samples and results.

If you begin to feel sick, be sure to stay home. Head to GS Labs to get tested for COVID-19 or Flu A&B to ensure you keep yourself and those around you safe.

GS Labs offers four types of tests: COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test, COVID-19 Standard PCR test, COVID-19 Rapid LAMP Test (NAAT-LAMP), and the COVID-19/Flu A&B Rapid Antigen (EUA) test. 

GS Labs provides COVID-19 testing to multiple communities throughout the United States. Our professionals are committed to making the testing process safe and convenient, delivering results to you as quickly as possible.