COVID-19 Testing in Allergy Season

Understanding The Difference Between COVID-19 & Allergy Symptoms

If You’re Feeling Symptoms & Unsure, Test Today For Peace of Mind

Rapid COVID-19 Testing For Same-Day Clarity

Understanding the differences between COVID-19 and Allergies isn’t always as simple as comparing two columns on a graph. Some symptoms overlap but that general feeling of unwell is prevalent throughout. Testing for COVID-19 can help you understand if it is or isn’t COVID-19 and allows you to make future decisions based on that.

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 during allergy season may be overlooked by overlapping ailments. Ensure you are not putting loved ones, friends or acquaintances at risk by Testing Today if you feel your symptoms may be COVID-19.

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For medical emergencies, please contact your local healthcare advisors.


Stay safe at an event or even after by getting rapid PCR test results. Negative PCR test results provide the required COVID status needed when entering certain events.

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Whether you’re vaccinated or not, ensure the safety of your work place by maintaining confident in your COVID-19 status by getting PCR test results in as little as one hour.

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At GS Labs, we provide Status Covid-19/Flu A&B Rapid Antigen (EUA) to help protect our communities from contagious respiratory illnesses. These tests are administered by medical professionals, with some of the industries quickest turnaround times, and priced right for anyone’s needs. We provide local communities with COVID-19/Influenza testing results in as little as 20 minutes, so that they can continue on with their lives safely and with the peace of mind that everyone deserves. From it’s inception, the goal of GS Labs has been to serve the communities we are located in with quick and affordable means of testing for some of the most significant ailments to affect our respiratory system. At GS Labs, safety, professionalism and convenience are at the heart of what we do, and as such we make it possible to Schedule Online Today, Arrive at an Appointment Today and Get Your Results Today! Rapid COVID-19/Flu Antigen Testing Price: $299


We are now providing Rapid COVID-19 and Flu A&B Antigen Test Results at more locations, with availability in more than 8 states. Whether you’re looking for a Rapid Antigen/Flu Test to get back to work, school, family, friends, or anything else then schedule your Rapid Antigen and Flu Test today and have your results in as little as 20 minutes!
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